14 Best Android Apps Development

The best thing in the world is that we all have at least one of our apps on our phone, whether business or personal related to us or not, and it’s also great for making some extra cash as well. If you are looking for the most popular app development companies then this article will be for you. Even though there are many good developers too, a few of them, they know what they are doing. At times when you search for their services, they aren’t available. But don’t let those get you down because they are good at what they do and some of them are free to try. So here are some top android applications development companies:

Nuance Communications — An agile software company headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It was founded by Bill McDermott from Harvard Tech Review with an aim to solve common problems and challenges faced by people across the globe. They have more than three thousand employees as their main activity which includes product design, engineering, research, marketing and sales. Nuance Communications has been ranked among top 100 fast growing IT Companies in Silicon Valley and also on their social media pages. They make use of modern technology to create solutions to every business problem. They focus mainly on mobile applications. Their vision is to bring simplicity to the user experience.

Ionic — Ionic is an open-source framework for building hybrid mobile applications using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. It was established in 2010. Ionic is based on MERN framework which uses different approaches like MVVM (Model View Controller), but Ionic is different in style.

Innovative Human — Innovative Human also known as InnoHarmon’s is the next generation UX agency.

Klaus Schwab’s UX studio — Klaus Schwab also knows how to build things very effectively. He built a very effective UX studio to make sure that his clients get what they deserve. His aim is to ensure that everyone is happy with whatever he does. And so he makes the best UX design strategies. With their high quality work, there is always satisfaction.

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1. PogoX

This is another amazing application development company headquartered in Chicago. Also known as Pogo, they operate in both public and private domain. As per their website, ‘they believe that no developer should feel left out’. They believe in providing flexible resources to their clients. Along with this reason, they have other activities like community membership, professional network. According to their website, PogoX helps in saving time and money and ultimately improving productivity.

PogoX has become part of Google Chrome extension library, Google Drive extension library, Adobe Photoshop Extension Library etc. The key word that comes behind their name is “expert”. A list of specialists with great experience, knowledge and skills in the field of computer technologies (mobile applications, web development, programming and other digital products). All these people are expert in their own way and that is why you get quality results like PogoX. Moreover, they have a support system which always help and guide you during your entire work. For example, a friend called Brian, he really helped me while completing my Project on PogoX. This is another wonderful app developer agency service.

2. Xamplify

Xamplify is a great open source toolkit for developing data flow management, CRM, ETL, UI, SPA etc. They provide enterprise grade platform which makes any kind of industry or organization more accessible. On their website you can find all types of tools and features which would support you in your daily life tasks. From their homepage you can see all kinds of services and products which is helpful for you and your organization. Xamplify is definitely not just a great service, it’s good for your business.

3. Vectric Software Inc.

Vectric Software Corp. is another outstanding software development firm. Here you can find some exciting options in terms of development and delivery of such amazing projects. You can hire Vectric Software to complete your web development plan. Also the prices of hiring this are quite affordable and worth paying. Additionally, they have good offers and discounts too. Their motto is ‘to always deliver good customer experience’.

4. Flutter Apps

Flutter Apps are not only the hottest trends but are also the future of application development. Especially if we talked about mobile applications. Most of the Android users have no idea about flutter. That makes flutter App development a new hope. FlutterApps can serve lots of purposes like ecommerce, communication, shopping, newsfeed etc. By choosing flutter app development you can develop any type of app of any size and even an old feature of older apps.

5. KustomKit

KustomKit is one of the easiest online UI designer where you don’t need to write anything in your mind initially. Once you have made your first draft, it provides the option to change the appearance of the design, customize the whole site and also the front page of the app. You can take care of everything in its place in a single go. Moreover, they are very popular for creating unique and attractive websites.

6. Nifty Apps

Nifty Apps is a leading US based startup which operates under two prominent brands – Nimble and From a humble beginning over 8 years ago, the company has rapidly grown to be the number 1 player in the Open Source ECommerce and Cross Platform Application Developers Industry. Its primary area is focusing only in the US and Europe and now India along with China. It can offer complete services as well as local expertise with excellent cost & pricing comparison.

7. Founded Inc

FoundedInc is the full proof proof developer of cross platform applications like React, Angular JavaScript, Ruby, Typescript, Visual Studio Code and DBAs. You can easily find and implement any feature of this API in your javascript code without writing any line of coder’s code. You can quickly deploy this APIs to github, Azure dev/prod, Amazon cloud etc. Not only this FIS or founder of FIS, it’s the best choice in terms of delivering superior performance and scalability to the client. You can work with either freelancing or outsourced developer option.

8. Infiniti Labs

Infiniti Labs is a renowned Indian software development company. They always work towards bringing latest innovations and techs to the forefront of industries like Marketing, Education and Business. You can hire them for any sort of project which you require and Infiniti Labs also provide complete lifecycle support to their customers through various kinds of offerings. Their target is to get rid of mundane chores and make human beings easier to accomplish. They also have good discounts and offers.

9. Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat OpenShift is another best choice for Java development. These organizations are providing all sorts of services by providing technical support and training. To enhance the growth of businesses worldwide, they came up with these platforms. Red Hat OpenShift is one of the fastest growing software companies in New York.

10. Vercel Inc

Vercel is another great company for Web Development, Mobile Development Services and Agile Technology. It has numerous capabilities and products like Digital Signage, Social Proofing, Video Integration, Artificial Intelligence and Security. It assists organizations in reaching audiences for offline and Online Marketing Channels. Being present in more than 30 countries around the Globe, they have proved that they are the best in their category. They are also offering various courses as well to give students a better understanding. You may reach them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to learn further and stay updated regarding their work.

11. Jamshed

Jamshed is another leading American Web Development Company headquartered on Texas State University campus, Houston. It serves diverse categories including Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Commerce, Travel, Entertainment and Media, Transportation, Food & Beverages and Other Industries. They specialize in providing services across domains like Energy, Government, Transport, Construction, Real Estate, Medical Devices, Industrial Equipment, Hospitality, Food & Beverages, Lifestyle, Retail and More.

12. Synergenix

Synergenix is also one of the most prominent and important firms based in Bangalore, India. They have offices in USA, UK, Romania, Germany, Russia, Poland, Turkey and Singapore. After being a leader in Web Development, Mobile and Cloud Services, they launched one of this valuable technologies called iServe. Now the iServe is widely used by thousands of enterprises globally.

13. Bamboo

Bamboo is another leading Global Web Development Company where experts assist companies in becoming efficient and innovative. They have skilled manpower who provide cutting edge solutions to businesses of all sizes. They have extensive experience and help them out to grow efficiently. They provide excellent product offerings to the business. They have a positive reputation.

14. Tarkit

Tarkit is another Top 5 Web Development firm located in London, U.K. They have over 500+ staff members and a vast database. They help entrepreneurs and small businesses around the globe in getting started with their ideas. There are lots of opportunities in the mobile space. What makes them better than its competitors is their dedicated team and constant updates.