According to Burmese traders, more than 2,700 tons of onions

China have broken. More than 2,700 tons of onions have been stuck at Muse warehouses on the border between China and Burma.

“The acquisition value of a 17-tonne automobile is 180,000 kyats,” said one dealer. The cost of a 17-ton vehicle is 17,000 kyats. More than 160 of these cars have been stolen.

Because onions could not enter China, they rotted in warehouses.

The onions will be shipped to China from Burma. China doesn’t eat these onions. Because Burmese onions are natural, China sends them through Vietnam through its own country and back to Vietnam. From Lao Cai to Ho Chi Minh City by car, it takes about four hours.”

Another dealer said he tried to ship five good onions from Chin Shwe Haw to China, but he was stopped at the border and lost his car.

At Phaung Seik, I was informed that I might not be permitted to enter China from Chin Shwe Haw. It was necessary to return the onions. The vehicle was offered for sale. It was necessary to return the onions. Most of the time, the onions in the warehouse and the onions themselves were donated.

when you place it in the warehouse and sell each bag separately. Additionally, donations are required.

The Jingxingkyaw and Chinshwehaw gates of the Burmese-Chinese border have been officially opened at this time. However, the business group says that the Burmese side only accepts limited items.

On the Chinese side, the Kovis-19 incident resulted in the closure of the Qingdao Gate on July 8 and the reopening of the Chin’s Golden Gate on October 6.