According to local fishermen, fishing in Indawgyi

which is located in Mohnyin Township in Kachin State, has decreased year after year.

As per a nearby angler from Indawgyi Lake, the catch is declining step by step contrasted with around a long time back.
He stated, “Fish catching is declining year by year.”I used to work more than 20 to 30 hours per day about a decade ago.Ten hours a day is extremely uncommon in today’s world.I typically only get three to four pounds.Furthermore, there will be more fishermen.They used to only hunt for food while working in the fields in the past.A local fisherman stated, “There are now more commercial fishermen.”
Fishing in Indawgyi Lake is currently not a problem because they only have to pay boat tax and no inn tax.
The villages that surround the lake are home to the fishermen.Anyone you want can be detained.There is, indeed, no tax.You need to cover boat charge.annually, about 7,000 kyats.It’s convenient because the boat tax right now isn’t too high.It will not work if it grows later.Because it will be difficult for the majority of people who catch it to be from the grassroots if the catch goes down and the boat tax goes up.”
There are numerous endemic fish species in Indawgyi Lake.The most common items are fish fillets and fish bait.
Myanmar’s largest natural lake, Indawgyi Lake, was listed as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2017 and designated as a Ramsar site—an important international wetland, particularly for waterfowl habitats.