According to Myo Aung, a winter sunflower grower in Wan Yae Village,

most of the villages in Moenae Township, Linkhae District, southern Shan State, are experiencing winter sunflower cultivation, an oil crop.

They are hoping to get sunflower seeds and good prices at harvest time, according to Myo Aung. Winter and sunflower fields, an oil crop, are thriving in Moenae Township.

Winter oilseeds used to be grown by a few people in Moenae Township, but now they are grown commercially for food security and family income.

Sunflower They grow sunflower in addition to cultivating cuttings. Winter sunflowers are planted in September and October, and after four months, they are harvested.

In order to boost the production of Yezin-1 hybrid sunflower seeds, the Township Department of Agriculture offered free seeds to farmers who had 25 acres of land. For family consumption, the sunflowers are ground up by local grinders before being redistributed to the market.

Wan Hay Village in Moene Township will host the winter solstice this year. Wan Yae Village, Pan U Village, The majority of the winter crops cover more than 43 acres in Nakhan and Saifel villages. Technical assistance and inputs are being provided by the township Department of Agriculture.