According to the Aung Metta (Station) salt

the state-owned family-owned salt manufacturing unit in Magway produces approximately 250 kilograms of salt per day and now sells it at local markets.

Bikes from nearby villages arrived to sell uncooked salt.It is also available for purchase at city theaters.Salt is extracted by boiling raw salt.We used to produce more than 250 pisa per day.Currently, colleges are closed.Additionally, restaurants are using less salt.I prepare meals just over 150 times per day.
Daw Aye Wai, a salt producer, stated, “If faculties reopen, Donation If we get married once more, we can produce it frequently.”
In a saucepan, add 50 pisa of salt, add water, and soak for a day.mud made from raw materials;If the waste settles, the uncooked brine is transferred to a different jug by pumping it through a hose a few miles from the bottom of the jug.
To prevent the salt from sticking to the fire, moist and dry bean oils should be combined.By heating the salt in the salt water tank, the water is filtered.Iodine is added to approximately 46 pisa of salt that is returned for every 50 pisa of uncooked salt.According to Khin Maung Myint, the proprietor of the Zambu Tun Salt Manufacturing facility, the price per pound is 800 kyats, and it is distributed to the city’s markets.