According to the Indian government’s foreign trade policy,

pulses, the importation of green peas and pulses was initially scheduled for the end of October, but has now been extended for another two months until the end of December. Indian government extends bean import period by two months

According to reports in Indian media, Indian pulses traders requested that the import of pulses be extended.

As a result, Myanmar, whose primary market is India, will have more time to sell pulses abroad. Myanmar will be permitted to import 250,000 tonnes of pulses and 100,000 tonnes of pulses for five years from March 2025 to March 2022 under the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between India and Myanmar.

Under a foreign trade policy, the Indian government restricted the import of the three pulses in 2017 with an annual trade quota.

India’s pulses are in high demand at home this year. The first share framework for heartbeats and green peas was canceled and limitless importation was permitted for the rest of October.

Ad powered. Plus, the policy to eliminate the quota system is only in effect for this year; consequently, the quota system will be reinstated in subsequent years.

Pulses that are exported to India currently cost: India’s demand for pulses is rising, and the dollar is rising at a time when domestic stocks are low.