Gasoline prices in Myanmar rise slightly on April 20

Residents of Rangoon say that Rangoon’s gasoline prices rose slightly today.

After the announcement that gasoline would be sold according to quotas, people waited in line yesterday in Rangoon to purchase it. According to drivers, there were lines of cars at some Rangoon gas stations this morning, but not as many as yesterday.

Yesterday, a taxi driver who had to wait in line for gas said, “Now it’s normal.” At gas stations, there are fewer lines. Yesterday was not a good day at all. In almost every shop, you can buy as much oil as you want. However, the price of oil has increased slightly, he informed DVB.

According to drivers, military-owned gas stations have closed, and some have closed because they ran out of gas.

An entrepreneur said: We have to buy something for our people. Simply examine Kovis’s birth date. At the mall, they bought more and more. The centers closed earlier as a result. Things eventually got back to normal, didn’t they? However, one thing that has changed is the rise in commodity prices. He informed DVB that it is the same now.

The current price of 92 gasoline per liter in the Yangon gasoline market is 1940 kyats. 95 kyats of regular diesel and 1985 kyats of regular gasoline are the prices. The premium diesel costs 2310 kyats.

Yesterday, 92 liters of gasoline cost 1890 kyats. 95 kyats for gasoline and 2160 kyats for regular diesel are the prices. The premium diesel cost 2180 kyats.

After reports surfaced on social media that there was a shortage of gasoline throughout the nation, gas stations in Rangoon, Mandalay, and other cities were forced to sell gasoline at quotas yesterday.

The Petroleum Inspection Department, the Ministry of Electricity and Energy, and the military council all made the announcement that there would be no shortage of fuel throughout the nation on April 19.

According to the statement, the state has approximately 45 million gallons of gasoline and 70 million gallons of diesel, including the Thilawa gasoline station, and two unloaded vessels are still at the port.

In an interview with the military news agency Myawaddy, Deputy Information Minister Zaw Min Tun stated that the imported fuel was sufficient.

He stated, “The primary issue is that dollars are being sold to stabilize fuel prices.” We also requested that the importers sell at the 1850 price. When it is sold, they will no longer be able to pay the dollar price. There are rumors that because they don’t want to sell it, the oil is gone. We are sending relevant parties notices and warnings. Regarding kerosene, some kerosene is on the road in order to bring fuel from various businesses into Myanmar by road. I want to inform the general public that there is sufficient kerosene and to dispel any misinformation about it.

Shortly after the announcement that Denko and Max could buy as much gas as they needed at their gas stations, the military council issued a statement.