How To Connect Cloudflare With Web Server

If you’re not familiar with cloudflare, it is a service that allows for secure access with the help of HTTP to your website’s code and other files. It is commonly used because if something happens to your server or application’s URL, for example, if your site gets hacked, then your entire web hosting account would possibly be compromised as well. As soon as someone enters the domain name through their browser, they can see the information and know where to go from here, without having to enter any sort of IP address. However, there are some major flaws which occur when you have multiple domains with different servers. When you think about what’s best for your website, then you might want to consider using one of these services. In this article we will discuss how to use them together to work on your websites. So let’s go ahead!

We know that a lot of people are looking for ways to make better web pages through easy-to-use tools and techniques, so don’t worry. We’ll show you tips, tricks, and features that will turn it into an extremely powerful tool at your fingertips.

Cloudflare has two versions of its chrome extension; each option has extra features which makes it easier for users to configure and manage their sites more easily. From there, you can choose between three options; free, premium or managed option, all users who wish to give cloudflare control over DNS. Here’s how to do it.

Free Extension – This version does not include any additional features, but it does come with useful extensions to customize and tweak. You will find the majority of settings in the configuration section.

Advantages: Free plan can set up SSL to your websites but doesn’t allow for much customization and tuning. But that will likely change in the future as they introduce newer plugins such as reverse proxies instead. Also, Google Chrome has added support for proxy blockers along with built in scripts which enable it to block unwanted domains and content whenever you add one.

Premium Option – This option comes with several plugins and you can choose from an assortment of plans when it comes to customization and features. Some popular ones are; unlimited domains control, advanced analytics, etc. But since most of the webmasters do not need anything else than basic setup then the Premium Plan is probably the best option as it gives you everything you need to start making your own pages with amazing results. Additionally, you get 24/7 support team that can help you when you face any kind of issue while configuring your website.

Managed Option – The Managed Solution requires less customization than the Regular plan, but it doesn’t offer as many plugins for customization. Plus the interface of the management dashboard is more complex than regular solutions, giving you even more control over your account. Nevertheless, it offers faster performance than regular solution is offering and it is also relatively cheaper than other solutions. So, if you’re looking for high-performance option, then Managed Solution is what you should look into.


– No Need for More Domains

– Very Low Cost

– Easy Management

– Powerful Features

– Unlimited Support


– Extra Features may Change according to Plans

– Fewer Options

– Complex UI

– Multiple Servers Can Be Use Together

– Data Center Location Could Cause Performance Problems

– Only Available For Linux OS

– Cannot Run On Mac OS X


Now that you know the benefits of cloudflare, let us tell you the reasons why it is the best choice when compared to traditional solutions.

– High Security – Allowed by default, no traffic filtering. Access control list (ACL) also has to be enabled, it is a very helpful feature.

– Advanced Analytics – Notifications with alerts that tell you about the events and where to go next. By including email notifications, Google Alerts, Ad Tracking, Social Networking, etc. The latest updates like Cloudflare will only notify you once after you’ve enabled Cloudflare.

– Reliable Domain Name – A simple and easy way to ensure smooth user experience.

– Fast Page Loading Time – Up to 2 hours.

– Automated Updates and Patching – Update automatically and deploy fixes automatically to fix bugs and security incidents.

– Highly Customizable – Control every aspect of your new page.

– Extensive Documentation – Each solution is documented to make it easy for others to configure and manage.

– Efficient Monitoring System – Allows monitoring for any errors and debugging to fix everything.

– Enhanced Performance – Outdated hardware could lead to poor response time. Therefore, you will notice reduced speed when dealing with large files or heavy loads.

– Simple installation – Once you’re done configuring your domain, just install the plugin from your browser and wait for your life.

It’s worth mentioning that Cloudflare provides great protection for your data, which means you shouldn’t rely on shared hosts and storage infrastructure. Thus, to keep your websites safe, you’ll need Cloudflare. And now you know how to use it. Thank you for reading our post; hope you found it informative and interesting.