Rules of Party Drinking

Perhaps no calendar or family holiday would do without the presence of alcoholic beverages on the table. It became an integral part of almost every party. Today it is rather simple to order liquors and beer delivery from one of the stores, so there is no need to go to a liquor shop. You should follow the rules of drinking if you do not want to feel burning shame and heavy hangover after it. Simple rules will help you not to get drunk and keep your mind sound until the party is over. We have turned to professionals from delivery liquor stores to share these rules with the readers.

Remember that alcohol affects the body beneficially if it is taken in small amounts, expanding blood vessels, improving digestion and speeding up heart rhythms. But alcohol in an amount of 200 – 300 grams is able to cause intoxication.

The basic rule of liquors and beverages drinking states that you can not drink on an empty stomach or if you feel tired. But there are a few tricks that will help you not to get drunk and stay sober as much as possible. Here are a few simple ones. Drink a cup of tea with lemon and mint before the party. If you have not such an opportunity, then just eat something greasy as soon as soon you have arrived to the party. This can be a piece of pork or butter sandwich. Before you start drinking, you can eat a raw egg or a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Fat has a shielding effect, and it will prevent from the rapid absorption of alcohol in the stomach and intestines. There is an option to take 6 – 8 tablets of activated charcoal before a meal, charcoal will act as an absorbent that will not let alcohol to be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly.

You should not try all the drinks served on a party table. It is much better to choose the one you really want to drink. If this does not work, then drink beverages with increasing degrees of alcohol and try not to mix cereal-based drinks with grape drinks. According to this, it is better to drink cognac, but not vodka or whiskey after a wine, but after drinking beer it is better to drink vodka or whiskey. You should also remember that people get drunk from carbonated drinks and cocktails faster and that sugary drinks lead to hard hangover.

If you feel that it is enough, you should stop immediately and not to listen to others. The most important is to listen to your body and your feelings. By increasing the amount of alcohol you will feel only worse, because the body intoxication will only increase. It means that you need to know when to stop. Observance of these simple rules will help you if not to stay completely sober, but not to get drunk and loose your face, as well as exclude the possibility of heavy hangover the next day after a party.

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