Invited investors to start a business

making electric cars The chief minister of the Bago Region, U Myo Swe Win, stated that he wanted to invite foreign investors to start a business making electric cars powered by batteries.

On October 27, he made the remarks during the fourth meeting of the Bago Region Investment Committee (4/2021).
production of electric vehicles powered by batteries;Panels for renewable energy;to make products related to agriculture and natural fertilizers.U Myo Swe Win, chief minister of the Bago Region, stated that he desired to invite foreign investors.
He stated that garment factories like the CMP are primarily permitted to enter the labor market in Bago Region.
Bridges and roads that investors need to be able to work steadily and safely in Bago Region.Water and security, he claimed, were provided.
Myanmar will permit domestic and international agricultural investment;Fisheries and livestock;mining industry;sector of manufacturing;energy industry;the oil and gas industry;sector of construction;communications and transportation;Tourism and lodging;Land Modern zone improvement;It holds licenses primarily in 12 industries, including the service industry.
The Directorate of Investment and Company Administration (DICA) reports that as of the end of September, more than 2,250 companies with foreign investments had entered Myanmar, investing more than $ 92 billion.
From October to the furthest limit of September of the 2020-2021 monetary year, the UK was the biggest unfamiliar financial backer in Myanmar with more than $ 3.791 billion, with more than $ 2.506 billion, as per the Directorate of Speculation and Company Organization.
In terms of national investment, Brunei Darussalam contributed $1.469 million;$ 175.834 million from China;$0.443 million for Taipei;11.138 million dollars;$1.2 million from India;$518.761 million from Japan;$2.1 million from Malaysia;10.7 billion dollars, Marshall Islands;OK, 32.614 million dollars;Samoa, 500 million dollars;Singapore $ 429.336 million;Thailand: 99.185 million dollars;$ 2,506.918 million in the UK;There have been 3,791.398 million US dollars invested by Vietnam.