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Mark Zuckerberg wants to charge more than $12 per month for Instagram and Facebook’s verified blue ticks.


Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg has begun charging individuals and businesses for the verified blue tick on Facebook and Instagram,

Following Elon Musk’s recent actions on Twitter.

The paid verification service for Facebook and Instagram is currently available in Australia and New Zealand,

And it will soon be available in additional nations.

Price of Verification

Zuckerberg claims that the subscription service will give you direct access to customer support,

Additional impersonation protection against fake accounts, a blue badge, and the ability to verify your account with a government ID.

He went on to say that the feature is about making their services more secure and authentic.

Meta Verified costs USD 11.99 per month on the web and USD 14.99 per month on iOS in the United States.

Mark Zuckerberg response on his comment

Mark Zuckerberg emphasized that the Meta Verified subscription’s customer support is a significant component of its value,

In addition to having the verified badge to demonstrate the authenticity of an account.

He said that once an account is verified, they can find and remove any fake accounts with greater.

efficiency because they know which one is the “real you.”

Get Services

Users shouldn’t be required to pay a monthly subscription fee for customer service, according to some,

And Meta has been accused of trying to make extra money over a necessary feature.

Zuckerberg responded that they have provided protection and some support to everyone,

But that providing direct customer service to millions or billions of people will cost a significant amount of money.

He stated that the direct support will be covered by subscription fees,

which will also control the number of people who sign up to ensure quality as they grow.

Meta has been plagued by fraudulent advertisements on its platform and has failed to act promptly.

These fraudulent advertisements could be avoided for a tech giant that earns billions of dollars from digital advertising

If Meta did basic checks on new advertisers and set up a Malaysian location moderation team.

Scam advertisements promoting backpacks, electric scooters, and RM9 coffee machines have increased in recent weeks.

Unfortunately, Malaysia only has limited authority to act on platforms hosted overseas,

And Meta has demonstrated a lack of serious action to combat fraudulent advertisements,

Resulting in significant financial losses for Malaysians.

Should client care and activity against tricks be permitted to be a paid component?

Can Facebook guarantee that a fraudulent Meta Verified subscription will not be approved? Please let us know in the section below.