More prominent than 2,700 tons of onions traded to China are broken

More prominent than 2,700 tons of onions for commodity to China have been abandoned at Dream stockrooms on the Sino-Burmese line, with regards to Burmese vendors.

One vendor expressed, “The procurement worth of a 17-ton auto is 180,000 kyats. A 17-ton auto costs 17,000 kyats. More prominent than 160 such cars have been broken.

Onions weren’t permitted to enter China, causing them to decay in distribution centers.

“The onions are for trade from Burma to China. China doesn’t eat these onions. Because of Burmese onions are normal, China sends them by means of Vietnam via its own country and again to Vietnam. It requires around 4 hours via car from Lao Cai to Ho Chi Minh City.”

Another seller expressed he attempted to send out 5 great onions from Jawline Shwe Haw to China, but was denied passage and lost his car.

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“I used to be educated at Phaung Seik that I probably won’t be permitted to enter China from Jawline Shwe Haw. The onions should have been returned. The car was presented out. The onions should have been returned. The onions and the onions inside the distribution center have been normally given.

When you set it inside the distribution center and advance it each sack in turn. Gifts are furthermore required.

At current, the Burmese-Chinese language line designated spots, the Jingxingkyaw and Chinshwehaw doors, have been officially opened, but the Burmese feature exclusively acknowledges things on a limited establishment, with regards to the business bunch.

On the Chinese language feature, the Qingdao Door was shut on July 8 for the Kovis-19 thought process, and the Jaw’s Brilliant Entryway was shut on October 6 and returned on November 26.