Power outage affect business

Rangoon’s small and medium-sized businesses have been forced to relocate to factories and factories as a result of the power outage. There are problems for many businesses, including factories.

Since the beginning of March, there have been power outages in Rangoon, according to business owners. These outages have severely harmed many businesses that depend on electricity and raised production costs.

Power outages affect small businesses; If they don’t take control of how much fuel and the internet cost, they say, they won’t be able to survive in the long run. Commodity prices will rise as a result of high costs for production and transportation, putting the problem at the local level.

If electricity generator prices continue to soar, all businesses in Rangoon, according to owners, are likely to close.

“The people’s lives will be worse if the power goes out again,” a North Okkalapa resident stated. Even now, there is no running water in the event of a power outage. We can still use cooking candles and charcoal to solve the problem even if there is no electricity. There is no access to water.

The military council has announced that from March 12 to March 28, some areas will be without power for 24 hours.

The inability to utilize Wi-Fi internet access during working hours has nearly halted online work.

Because of the Kovis-19 period, some organization representatives had to telecommute. Due to a lack of internet access, working from home is difficult.

An organization representative said, “Sisters, we need to work at the WFH house. When the power goes out, I am unable to access Wifi. Work isn’t finished on time, “he said.

Residents of Rangoon claim that online education is significantly affecting children and that costs are rising. Due to the lack of electricity, students are also having trouble reading textbooks as the 10th grade exams get closer.

The military council’s explanations for the power outage, according to an online food delivery service, were unbelievable.

He stated, “Even now, there is a lot of damage caused by power outages.” It will not function again if it breaks. It’s hard to believe the reasons for the power outage. The people’s government would not be like that. ”

The staff joined the CDM following the military coup. The military council has been unable to protect the interests of the government and business as a result of popular protests.

The military council ran out of money over time, so it stopped meeting its basic needs.

The military council is struggling to find ways to generate foreign currency because foreign investment has stopped

Market analysts say the tactical board can not determine the financial emergency on the off chance that it doesn’t determine the political emergency.