The lucky winner of the 100 million kyat

The National Unity Government (NUG)’s lucky winner of the opening spring lottery gave away all of his prizes.

The ticket for the spring lottery with the number 0210290089, which won a special prize in December at the opening ceremony, donated 100 million kyats toward the end of the military dictatorship and the creation of a federal democratic union.

Unique on account of the fortunate champ for the Public Solidarity Government. The certificate was presented by U Tin Tun Naing, Union Minister for Finance and Investment.

In 2021, a spring lottery for Aung Lan broadcasting will be held. The lottery, which began on August 15, will return 30% as prizes and use 70% for civil servants’ CDMs.

Fueled by Promotion. Plus, the Spring Lottery has won the military council’s Aung Ba Lay lottery and rewarded approximately 6,300 CDM employees, surpassing the Revolutionary People’s Revolution thus far.

A responsible CDM staff list was also compiled to include the entire Spring Lottery network in Myanmar. Screening It has also connected more than 160,000 CDM employees and issued support IDs.

They come from the Ministry of Education for 51% of them. Although there are a lot of employees who can be rewarded now, only 6,300 of them will be connected in the spring.

As a result, by rewarding CDM employees who are responsible, the people are encouraged to participate in the revolution.

The sellers and those who back them have been sued by the coup junta. He has been threatened with being taken into custody.

Additionally, the coup junta intends to sell the Aung Bale lottery online, despite the fact that the Burmese people have not boycotted it to this point.