The Ministry of Transport and Communications has announced

that vehicles from 1980 models and earlier will be re-registered as classic classic vehicles for a fixed fee. Military Council:

Re-registration and the new vehicle number will only be given to vehicles that have already been registered.
In the respective regions, classic classic vehicles are re-registered.According to today’s Myanmar Enlightenment, State District Roads can be reached at the Directorate of Road Transport between February 24 and 25.
“I have seen such antique cars reserved in Thailand,” a car enthusiast stated.Additionally, they have numerous pastimes.Additionally, their government has a very strict policy.Why not in this regard?The year is set.They are simple to complete once they are listed.It is stated that it will be liquid after 20 years here, but it is now being renewed, so the actions taken are inconsistent.Additionally, a previous automobile may be present.However, a good car will cost less.because it is impossible to fit the necessary replacement parts into such an old vehicle.Spare parts for Surf-97 are presently nearly non-existent.Better are older vehicles.Therefore, unemployment is what I see, he told DVB.
“Their policies are inconsistent,” a car dealer stated.There is disagreement.I will promote new automobiles.Which cars they drive is up to them.Additionally, it will support SKD-equipped local automobiles.The new registrations of cars with right-hand drive that are over 40 years old are currently being considered.
The vehicles, which have been in help for over 40 years, have been deregistered and are currently being restored, and the military is presently re-enrolling them for an expense.