The Queen’s ceremonial laying in state comes to an end as the last person leaves

Overnight, the last person in line to see the Queen’s casket called it an “honor” and said it was a privilege to watch her lie in state.

After more than four days, the viewing of the Queen’s coffin, with long lines waiting to see it, ended at 6.30 a.m.
After the coffin leaves Westminster Hall shortly after 10:35 a.m., the funeral at Westminster Abbey will now begin at 11 a.m. Chrissy Heerey, who lives in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, was the last person in line.Like hundreds of others before her, she lowered her head in silence.
At 1.15 a.m., she saw the Queen’s casket for the first time, but she later lined up again because “I felt I needed to go through again.”
As one of her subjects in the RAF, Ms. Heerey added, “I just feel extremely happy to be in the air force,” and I swore my allegiance to her.
She described the Queen as an “amazing lady” who “will never be replaced.”
“I just felt really honored to be given the opportunity to go through again and obviously be the last person,” she said.Just being there made me very happy.
After waiting in line for 14 hours, she has decided to stay in London to attend the funeral, anticipating a “long day but well worth it.”
Several members of the legislative staff left the room after Ms. Heerey, with Black Rod Sarah Clarke appearing to shed a tear.
However, some of those who came within a whisker of winning were disappointed and asserted that they had been given “false hope.”
Pauline Pearce complained that there was “continuous disinformation” after seven hours of waiting.
She observed, “We’ve all experienced anger today.”We were shuffled around in vain in the hope that they would let us in.
They initially stated that they would open the gates, but they did not do so immediately.The organizers showed no compassion at all.
According to Fiona Harper, who referred to it as “ineptitude,” it was unclear where the final wristbands will be distributed.
She explained that the problem was that everybody had been led to believe that you got your wristband at the end of the line.
After asking for wristbands for half an hour, we were informed that there were none left.
The line was cut off on Sunday morning, and people were told not to come back.The route began at Parliament and traveled down the south bank of the Thames, past Tower Bridge, to Southwark Park.
Wait times have varied over the past three days, but at times they were anticipated to exceed 24 hours.
Since Wednesday evening’s beginning of the lying in state, crowds have been present continuously, but the total number of people who have seen the Queen’s casket is unknown at this point.
David Beckham, a former footballer, was one of the people waiting in line to show his appreciation, and he was one of the people who talked about making friends with people in the line behind them.