The world is led by “wisdom.” A society led by wisdom leads

A society led by wise people leads to prosperity, whereas a society led by ignorant people leads to destruction of every kind.
“There is nothing to be revered on this earth except love and wisdom,” Htoo Eain Thin said.

Education;Illiteracy alters communities.Countries with more knowledge are more developed but have fewer educated people.Societies without education may be behind in development.There are different levels of development in each country.In every one of the top nations, “shrewdness” is at the top.whether or not it is a dictatorship.Development is impossible without democracy without “knowledge.”The best model is Singapore.Singapore’s founder, Lee Kuan Yew, was an educated man who rose to power based on his education.Lee Kuan Yew earned a law degree from the UK and practiced law during Singapore’s independence struggle.
Singapore was led by Lee Kuan Yew until his death.Singapore is still led by Lee’s heirs.The PAP of Lee Kuan Yew has swept all elections.Singapore was still led by educated leaders like Lee Hsien Loong.One could describe Singapore as a dictatorship.Since one party has always been in power, Singapore has a separate government.However, every leader in Singapore is educated.Knowledge forms the foundation of the nation.
Socialist drove China is the world’s second-biggest economy today.China was a landlocked nation when it was first established in 1949.The world is now changing to the point where even the United States can be a positive force.This is because, rather than a system, it was founded on “wisdom.”Xi Jinping, the current leader, is an educated man.Born after the Chinese Revolution, Xi was a leader.He graduated from Xinhua University in China with a degree in chemical engineering.
Numerous Chinese students have been sent to study in the West, particularly the United States, since the Reformation.China gained advanced technologies in this manner.Today, everyone in charge of the top party in communist Vietnam is educated.With a significant investment in education, Vietnam is now a rapidly expanding nation.
a military dictatorship that ruled for three decades in South Korea;Indonesia grew into a society ruled by wisdom after it ended its military dictatorship.Leader of the nation The nation would be at peace if its leaders possessed human compassion and wisdom.Will develop If Hun Sen, the leader of Cambodia, is a dictator, one could conclude that Lee Kuan Yew, the prime minister of Singapore, is also a dictator.But they use a variety of dictatorships to run their country.Cambodia is currently one of Asean’s three least developed nations.Additionally, Laos is gaining ground.Hun Sen attempted to intervene in Burma when he became ASEAN chairman.Hasn’t his nation experienced a string of civil wars?Peace Treaty of Paris;With the assistance of the Union Peacekeeping Forces, new elections are held.This took place one at a time.Peacefully, political strife was ended.The International Court of Justice tried the Khmer Rouge’s war crimes on a global scale.Based on his own experience, Hun Sen wants to end the Burmese conflict.Hun Sen has now abandoned Burma.
Knowledge must lead society.Wisdom that is human-like imparts understanding and wisdom.Even the so-called dictator Hun Sen raised Hun Mane to become an educated individual.After Hun Sen, Cambodia will keep on being driven by Hun Mane.Honmane graduated from the prestigious West Point Military Academy and holds a master’s degree in economics from New York University.He holds a PhD in Financial matters from Bristol College, UK.In recent years, Cambodia, which has been through a bloody civil war in Asean, has invested heavily in education.
As Myanmar has been engulfed in civil strife among its three Asean nations, investment has moved to Cambodia.relocating to VietnamThe trade war between China and the United States has helped Vietnam a lot.
Knowledge is what leads countries.Societies rule