The Yangon Region Urban Transport

Supervision Committee (YRTC) has announced that a unique driver training course for YBS vehicles operating in Rangoon will begin in February. Trainee for YBS Special Driver Training 150 will be called.

The Special Driver Training Course No. () was designed to meet the demand for drivers for YBS vehicles. Beginning in the first week of February, 1/2022) will go live.

On the off chance that you are a driver on the momentum YBS transport lines, you should have the proposal of the significant transport organization, and you should have a secondary school recognition.

Students who complete the four-week special driver training course will receive a YBS driving license upon completion, and those who have attended the current YBS bus lines will be permitted to continue driving for the original bus company.

Candidates can get in touch with the YRTC Head Office, which is located near the Kyaikkasan Super One Department Store. No. According to YRTC, you must apply to Yangon. 65 Square Lake Road, Man Aung Ward Tamwe Township