What is the best earning from Facebook monetization

This post is about the best monetization strategy for your Instagram profile page, a lot of things like how to optimize it and how you can make the most of it. Let’s see what the options are!

Instagram for Business Setup | Twitter Ads | Affiliate Marketing | Google Adwords| Largest Free SEO Platform For Bloggers & Writers (WordPress) | YouTube (Subscription)

In this post I will try to cover all these elements with my own case studies. So let’s get started!

Instagram for business setup | Twitter ads | Affiliate marketing | Google Adwords| Largest free SEO platform for bloggers (WordPress) | Youtube (Subscription)

Instagram for the business

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the whole world, it has seen a great growth over the years. It helps us in building our brand awareness by creating conversations in people’s minds related to who we are and why we’re doing something. And also helps us build an online community of more than 14 million users across 190 countries. We can use instagram to get our posts out there and create engaging discussions. People love to talk about their interests and likes and when they find them on Insta you have the ability to convert those conversations into leads and sales. If you want to get a better understanding about how to earn real income from Insta then read here: https://www.instagram.com/@parmakumar-makrana/

To start out as a small-scale enterprise or running an influencer site like @parmakumar.makrana.com

Step 1 : Open your Instagram account. You can do that either through web browser and app which works just fine. To open the website, go to the homepage. If you want to test it by yourself head back here.

Step 2 : Creating your Account – Now login/register using your email id. The username and password will be optional but not advisable (this is the same account I used to sign up for my blog). Once you register you need to click on Register/Upload Your Profile, select ‘Business’. Follow up selecting any country from where you are going to promote your products. Enter your product name and a company logo. Enter your email id too.

Step 3 : Uploading your Instagram images, make sure you upload at least 4000 images.

Step 4 : Add some text with hashtags so that people can follow you. In my case I used #bestparmakumar (for example, #bestproducts.com.ph and #besttraveller.com).

Step 5 : Add some videos of your own, like video testimonials and interviews you can think of and upload them by creating a video and captioning it using #bestyoutube.com and #bestyoutube.com.ph. When doing Video’s, make sure you include a Title tag and Description tag. These two tags help viewers see what you are about through your videos. Take screenshots when needed, just keep uploading videos relevant to your niche and always remember to add relevant hashtags or keywords in these videos.

Step 6 : Posting videos to your Stories and tagging others

Step 7: Make sure that your videos appear properly as Instagram does.

Step 8 : Start promoting your content on your other social media pages too!

Instagram for the Business Setup — Posting Videos — Adding Hashtags | Promoting Posts | Linking Pages

Twitter Ads + Display Ads

Twitter is a free ad platform that allows users to display advertisements on their timeline. And if you wish to showcase your contents then this is one of the best places to show your offers and promote your products. But it is not limited to tweeting only. You can add Facebook and Instagram to that. To start earning money from @thedots.ph

Step 1 : Visit twitter.com.

Step 2 : Click on My Tweets > View All My Tweets > look for your interest and search you name. Select the images you would like to view.

Step 3 : From your search box type the keyword ‘@thedots.ph’. Note down the new keyword because the next step is different.

Step 4 : Go to Twitter’s advertising option, go to the following section. You will see many ads for your city, state, country etc. If you have been looking for someone else to advertise than click on the link provided below and enter your contact information.

Step 2 : Copy the URL and paste it in your clipboard!

Step 3 : Press the “Post” button on the advertisement section and your tweet gets added to the list.

Step 4 : Finally, press the retweet button.

Step 5 : Repeat the entire process again and again to reach more followers and reach out for more clients.

Step 6 : Then use that hashtag so your message could reach lots and lots of eyes.

Twitter Ads + Display Ads

Step 1: Visit twitter.com.

Step 2 : Click on My Accounts > Search for your account.

Step 3 : After entering your id, select the specific account @thedotsph.ph.

Step 4 : Hit the Create New Keyword field and write your new key phrase.

Step 5 : Lastly, hit the Create Button on the top right corner.

Step 6: Just follow the steps mentioned earlier and after signing up. Then just enter account ID and password that you entered in the form.

Step 7: Follow any updates on your account.

Step 8 : Next, tap on the Signup button and you are done. Now use your phone to access your Twitter and don’t forget to download the mobile app.

Step 9 : Access your account via phone number and tap on “Create Channel” and then your first post will be uploaded.

Step 10: Keep adding pictures into your feed and watch as much as possible and retweet and comment and post your messages for your accounts.

Step 11 : As soon as you’re happy with your new channel then tap on the Save Channel Option.

Step 12 : Finally tap on Donate to Help or Don’t, whatever you want to do.

Step 13 : Now you can withdraw the amount of funds or share the earnings with friends and family.

Twitter Advertising | Add Twitter Sponsored Ads | Download

Google Adwords

Google is another place where you can promote your links and services on the internet. So it becomes extremely important to ensure that you use the correct keywords and keywords that people search for when searching for what you provide. That’s how you can rank higher in searches.

Step 1 : Log in to your google account.

Step 2 : Go to Google Adwords.

Step 3 : Under the Adwords tab select the Adwords method. Here just type the “Adwords” in the address bar and hit publish and voila!! You will see the Adwords you are interested in. Hit the submit button.

Step 4 : Now check your Adwords Account.

Step 5 : Choose your preferred language, region and create a campaign.

Step 6 : Paste the URL of your website and copy the code for each of your pages you want to promote.

Step 7 : Go to your Website URL and paste the code in the Code field provided for the HTML tag.

Step 8 : Now you can see the results for a particular keyword. Now simply change the result to 1 or 0 depending on the search engine. At the end of a successful ad campaign, the Adwords section shows that the keyword is in Google’s Top search terms.

Step 9 : Congratulations!

Step 10: Lastly, the Adwords section will update your page with your final stats.

Facebook ads = $500

Instagram ads = $100

Twitter ads = 500

Search engines = Google Adwords

Google Adwords = 1500

Facebook+ Instagram = $500

Twitter +$1000 = $150

Twitter ads = $50

Instagram ads = 1000

Facebook ads = 1000

Instagram ads = 2000

Twitter ads = 3000

Instagram ads = 1200

Facebook ads = 600

Twitter ads= 7000

Twitter ads = 6000

Facebook ads = 5000

Instagram ads = 50

Twitter ads=2000

Facebook is more than just a wall. It’s a source of inspiration for those aspiring musicians. A great way to stay motivated, share your knowledge, and inspire anyone around you. If you have no idea about how to manage to grow your audience, then facebook is your answer.

Facebook+Instagram = $50

Twitter +$50

Instagram is most collection of photos. It’s a space where you can express yourself and where you can become creative.

Facebook +twitter = $50

Twitter+Instagram =$ 50

Instagram is bigger than just a photo-sharing service. You can share anything that you want. They offer users to chat and to like and comment. There’s also a network that has a huge user base. Twitter is very simple to understand when it comes to joining, just log in to your account you want to join and then enter your details and you’ll instantly see your Twitter accounts. Instagram is known for its photo sharing and short videos and is a huge marketplace.

Twee = $100

Instagram = $500-$1000

Facebook + Twee = $1000

Twitter + Twee =$ 100

This makes twitter one of the oldest social sites ever created. One of the original websites of Reddit, it started during the early 2000s. Its purpose was to replace the defunct Xanga community.