You Need To Know Some Tips Of Frontend Developer

If you want to become a front-end developer you need to know some tips of Front-end developer. In this article I am going to tell you about the most important and useful things that you should know before starting as a Front-end developer.

1. Make sure that you are able to understand HTML/CSS/JS and also have knowledge about JavaScript, frameworks like Angular and React etc. Then choose your framework wisely. Front-end developers have so many options. Now let’s know your favorite one is React.

2. A good way to learn JavaScript for better Front-end development

3. Try to think from scratch. It will be very helpful when building websites in future. This approach will help you to get into coding faster than by using Frameworks.

4. There are many projects which you can try to build on Github. This is very easy way of learning and if it has any kind of error then just comment in the comment box.

5. Just go with whatever project you are working on and build everything properly without thinking anything. It will improve your Front-end development.

6. Always read all the comments in each repository. Don’t always comment only in the code but in every lines and every sentence. In order to have more experience in writing good Comments be sure that you spend more time reading other people code than your own code.

7. Always respect the source code. By following the rules and guidelines, the source code will help you to write quality codes. And also we don’t need to give any hints or suggestions about our code. Remember that.

8. Go to Google and also go to Stack Overflow. I believe that one will always find something valuable. Even in my free time I am trying to search the term “Front-end developer”. So my advice for it would be go there and start to do what ever you love doing,

9. Use tools like Jest and Mocha in the beginning. When you know how these tools work use them. Also make sure that you are used to.

10. Learning Javascript is not only about learning the syntax but also the concept. Try to create something new. For me it was making a button with a slider. So whenever you see a little icon just click on it and you can use the keyboard.

11. As JS is an open source language so every developer feels like he is giving more importance to his community. And by asking questions you can also help out someone else.

12. Build with real DOM because DOM(document) is not perfect, and everything will break. Especially when you are creating components. So make sure you use it properly otherwise it can go wrong.

13. Try to solve problems with code instead of being frustrated. The biggest misconception about front-end development is that they only code but don’t care about their code. But actually, HTML/CSS/JS is really complex.

14. Get familiar with DOM elements, the main element is DOMElement so create one element only if you don’t know about this object.

15. Write simple and short programs. Don’t overthink it. Let the coding task to flow. Instead of being hard, we will eventually find solution.

16. Don’t forget to add support to existing code, so you can maintain its working. Asking about what to remove or change is a great reason to keep the code running.

17. Be yourself. Try to make a website. Not a huge deal to change the style of the site, but there should be more focus on UI than coding.

18. Learn about CSS, you may face a tough job by selecting a theme. But HTML/CSS are mostly made up of CSS. So try to memorize the basics.

19. Always be creative. Think about design, if you are comfortable with HTML/CSS be creative and can create some amazing interface using these concepts.

20. Always remember that as a developer, your employer needs to know what your knowledge and skills are. So you have to explain your work and skills to the employer.

21. Make sure that you’re willing to learn. Because you will be working with such a big company or you can say “I will take a course”. So you have to show willingness to learn new things.

22. Keep your mind fresh. Because sometimes it happens that the job doesn’t really need so much skill but just a basic understanding of HTML/CSS/JS. So you have to stay focused and willing to learn and help out others.

23. As a beginner to Front-end Development it is very difficult to earn money and it takes long time to see success. So you have to be patient.

24. One thing that no one will pay attention to you because they will ignore your progress. So please keep calm and know that everyone who does a similar job can’t do you any better. So keep pushing and do what you can do best.

25. Don’t overthink and make mistakes because later you will regret and you will be stuck. So try to be positive, never be negative. We are all human beings and we will still have errors.

26. Follow the web development tutorials and follow your mentor. It will help you to develop professionally.

27. Practice everything. I mean, practice in different ways. You know what you have to do. And it’s good to practice and that helps you to grow.

28. Always use npm package manager in package.json. It’s pretty handy and very helpful.

29. Never wait so long to update code. Because after a few months you won’t know that how important and how much of a difference this or that change will make in the application.

30. Practice at least once in a day. That’s why you start developing with good practices.

31. Keep checking if you are still alive, and if you do you must keep improving, keep adding to your list and don’t stop!

32. Set-up a GitHub account first because everybody loves to share the code. So if anyone wants to help you when you are facing any problem related to programming related to front-end development and give guidance, they can always come back to your GitHub and help you.